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The ReechCraft Panel Jack System is the ultimate bracing system for Insulated Concrete and conventional forms.

With an extruded aluminum strongback, the Panel Jack is lightweight yet durable enough for any job. The 8-foot Pro System weighs in at a trim 42 pounds and is compact enough to fit in the bed of a standard pickup truck.

Easy-to-install extensions make the Panel Jack versatile enough for use on walls of any height, while the system's overall design allows users to dial in their forms straight and plumb with just a twist of the telescope brace, for added accuracy.

The Panel Jack's rugged construction has been designed to exceed the performance demands of today's new construction, decorating and remodeling professionals. For use inside and out, the Panel Jack will save you time and money on your next ICF construction project.

Reechcraft Panel Jack System Brochure

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Product Information

Product Overview
Panel Jack Pro System is a product designed for use in insulating concrete form (ICF) wall forming applications. The system provides support for builders at the required heights necessary to construct and fill the ICF form cavity with concrete. It also braces the wall unit until it has cured and provides the means to plumb and align the wall before the concrete sets. Utilizing the Panel Jack Pro System allows the contractor the means to build ICF walls fast and straight, while ensuring a safe work environment and providing a professional job site appearance.
96" Panel Jack Pro System

144" Panel Jack Pro System
Component Description
Careful consideration has been given to the variety of applications that job site conditions and wall forming create to develop a product well suited for the intended use.

The basic system is represented by the following fundamental components:

Strongback – The main vertical component of the system is a 6005 T-5 extruded aluminum channel intended to be secured to the footing or slab at the
base of the wall and to the wall forms through the provided 1 ½ “ x 3/16” slots at two points per course. Use #10 screws to fasten the strongback to the ICF form. Through holes (21/32) drilled 12” on center provide the means for independently mounting the platform bracket and/or the diagonal turnbuckle brace to the strongback channel through the use of the provided 9/16” x 6” zinc plated HR pin held in position with a clip. The base of the strongback consists of two removable aluminum clips drilled for anchoring the strongback.

Diagonal Turnbuckle Brace – The diagonal component of the system has three fixed adjustment positions to accommodate the 96”, 108”, 120” and 144” systems. These fixed adjustment positions place the platform bracket between 32” and 48” below the top of the wall. The diagonal turnbuckle brace can be placed at different angles to accommodate irregular excavation elevations. In addition, 6” of fine adjustment can be achieved twisting the turnbuckle brace. Approximately 2” of the threaded portion of the screw should be visible to ensure equal push and pull of the wall. A swivel foot assembly is mounted at the base of the diagonal turnbuckle brace and provides 25 square inches of surface area to support the loads. The base plate is equipped with holes sufficient to anchor the diagonal turnbuckle brace to soil or secure it to the footing, slab or intermediate floors. There is one 7/8” diameter hole and four ¼” holes per base plate.

Platform Bracket – the platform bracket is a fixed position bracket designed for strength and durability. The platform bracket incorporates a 9/16” diameter hole to provide secure attachment of the platform bracket to the strongback through the corresponding holes provided in the strongback. The platform bracket is designed to accept two 2x10 scaffold planks and a 1-inch toeboard. Use two #10 x 3” wood screws to secure the overlapping planks together. An optional vertical handrail support accommodates 2 x 4 top rail, midrails and toeboards. ¼” holes are provided in the support brackets to secure the handrails in place. Handrails should be mounted in the inside of the scaffold work surface.

Mounting Hardware – All mounting hardware or fasteners supplied with the system are SAE grade 2 and 9/16” HR zinc plated mild steel.
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